Technology Overview
One Patient, One Record - Accelerating Healthcare Innovation
Technology Overview
You wouldn't roll your own HL7 gateway...then why start your HIE efforts from scratch.

Technology Overview

Would you write your own HL7 Gateway?
No, of course not. Yet, when building health information exchanges, this is exactly how most consortia and IDNs satisfy their technology platform needs. An HIE pilot implementation need not cost $3-10 million, as it did for the NHIN Prototype Award Winners. HIEBus™ is the first family of service infrastructure products designed to manage health information exchanges. Now you can adopt a proven architecture to jump-start your data sharing initiative.

With HIEBus™ you can:

  • Keep RHIO Startup Costs Low
Given the funding challenges facing early exchange efforts, it is critical that startup costs in terms of capital dollars, time, and opportunities are kept to a minimum.

  • Leverage Customers' Existing Applications Infrastructure
Whether it be existing HL7 message traffic, WAN/network standards, or security policies, HIE technology should not force change. Policy, privacy, security, governance, compliance, and clinical value should drive the IT agenda, not the requirements of technology vendors.

  • Iterate & Increment
Given that most HIEs operate within nascent organizational constructs, an HIE technology platform must support a highly incremental approach, and not require disruptive change.

  • Allow A-la-Carte Adoption
While we believe a holistic platform covering the gamut of technology components needed for effective HIE deployment is necessary, we notice that different participants in a given HIE have divergent needs. Not all participants need all or the same technology components to participate in the HIE. As such, the technology platform needs to be able to be adopted piecemeal on an as needed basis.

  • Assume Technology Leadership & Accountability
HIE organizations have their hands full with policy, governance, funding, and a myriad of other organizational issues. The ideal technology partner should offer holistic technology leadership and accountability. The HIE should be able (after appropriate due diligence) to outsource the technology implementation details to its technology partner holding it accountable not for actions but rather results based on end-user observable milestones.

Find out more about how HIEBus™ delivers the above by offering SOA based modules for:

One Patient, One Record - Accelerating Healthcare Innovation
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