Technology Overview
One Patient, One Record - Accelerating Healthcare Innovation
Technology Overview
Looking for a needle in a haystack � finding what you need when all the data is at your fingertips.

Visualization & Integration

Effective presentation of a lifetime clinical record poses a challenge to even the most usable of contemporary user interfaces. No clinician wants to be confronted with a lifetime of clinical records for every patient. Making a lifetime clinical record available is very different than making it usable. And how the health information exchange integrates with your existing wildly successful EMR is most critical. Clinicians are loathe to sign into yet another source of information. Compliance and integration strategies using standards for single sign-on and context management (CCOW) are critical in covering this "last mile" to the clinician.

HIEBus™ offers three distinct approaches to effective delivery of the data to clinicians at the bedside.

  • Clinical Data Viewer (CDV)
A web based application that provides user authentication, patient navigation and selection, and advanced review of all data available from members of the HIE. CDV can be "embedded" within existing EMRs and CDRs with full user and patient context so clinicians can continue to use their familiar applications. Our "viewers" have been designed specifically to enable effective presentation of a lifetime of clinical data. Advanced visualization techniques to allow a longitudinal summary view while enabling drill down to episode level details are utilized to help clinicians find what they need amongst an ever growing set of information.

  • Data Integration (DI)
Alternatively, the HIEBus™ Adapter can "feed" existing local repositories with selected data from other members within the HIE. While this approach offers the tightest integration, this approach creates substantive policy issues around data ownership; a careful review of the needs and capabilities of each organization.

  • Hybrid
Adopting institutions may wish to use a hybrid approach where some data is presented using data integration (for example, laboratory results), whereas other information is presented using desktop integration enabled CDV.

One Patient, One Record - Accelerating Healthcare Innovation
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