Technology Overview
One Patient, One Record - Accelerating Healthcare Innovation
Technology Overview
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HIEBus™ is a comprehensive SOA technology platform for deploying health information exchanges. Among these plaform services are: record location services (RLS), world class record-linking to enable a community master patient index, and a peer to peer data interchange platform that grows from small pilots to managing entire statewide populations. HIEBus™ delivers:

  • Federated, service oriented architecture
  • Peer to peer data exchange
  • World class identity management
  • Comprehensive yet practical terminology services
  • Immutable audit and logging services
  • Contemporary security standards
  • Granular visit, patient, and provider level opt out capabilities

  • Adapter
Each participating institution runs the CareEvolution Adapter Service that provides the interface between the Record Locator Service, peer institutions, and the institution's local clinical data sources (EMR/CDR, LIS, Pharmacy, Dictations)
  • Record Locator Service
The Record Locator Service (RLS) maintains an index of the locations of patient records for each person in the system. Clinical information is never sent to the RLS. Furthermore, the RLS only stores secured, blinded demographic information necessary for record linking. When a patient is registered with an institution, a query is submitted to the RLS and the RLS returns the location of any matching records. A location consists of a site identifier and a record identifier specific to the remote site.
  • Peer to Peer Data Exchange
Finally, the located data interchange is managed purely amongst the adapters institutions using encrypted web services.

One Patient, One Record - Accelerating Healthcare Innovation
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