Technology Overview
One Patient, One Record - Accelerating Healthcare Innovation
Technology Overview
What do I implement in my organization to participate in the HIE ?  HIEBus Adapter : covering the last mile to mobilize the data within your organization.


The HIEBus´┐Ż Adapter is an "edge" appliance that is deployed at each member participating in the health information exchange (HIE). The Adapter provides the interface amongst the centralized RLS, distributed peer institutions in the HIE, and members' local clinical data sources.

The CareEvolution adapter is composed of an Index Service, a Data Transfer Service, a Clinical Data Interface Service, a Terminology Service, and a Local Data Cache.

  • Record Index Service
The Record Index Service provides the interface between the host systems and the Record Locator Service. It standardizes and blinds demographic information before sending requests to the Record Locator Service.

  • Data Transfer Service
The Data Transfer Service manages adapter to adapter communication of clinical information. This is managed in pure peer to peer fashion.

  • Clinical Data Interface Service (CDIS)
The CDIS hosts a set of pluggable drivers for communication with an institution's local clinical data sources such as EMR, lab, or pharmacy systems. The CDIS allows for easy customization to support the disparate clinical data sources of each institution. Each driver may run in one or more threads or processes dependent on the available hardware and required workload.

  • Terminology Service
The Terminology Service is used by the Data Transfer Service and CDIS to provide translation between local and UMLS standard terms.

  • Local Data Cache
The Local Data Cache provides a data store in which both record location index information and clinical information is cached. The Local Data Cache may be a single physical DBMS or can be federated across multiple physical databases.

One Patient, One Record - Accelerating Healthcare Innovation
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