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Technology Grants For Communities Ready to Implement Patient Data Sharing Initiatives

WASHINGTON, D.C., and ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN., December 4, 2008

CareEvolution, Inc. announced that it is accepting applications from established Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIO) and health care providers for HIE HEADSTART � , an innovative program offering financial and technology grants to support qualified applicants that are prepared to execute on their plans for health information exchange. The program - which will award up to three grants worth between $100,000 and $ 750,000 each � is targeted towards those who have completed governance, policy, planning, and other analytic phases of their exchange efforts.

CareEvolution announced the program at the eHealth Initiative�s Fifth Annual Conference being held in Washington, DC this week. The eHI conference is the leading conference for health information technology policy at the federal and state levels.

Delivering safe, effective care requires access to the basic health history for a patient. However, in our fragmented health care system, patient history is spread across a multitude of physician offices, urgent care centers, retail pharmacies, laboratory service providers, and hospitals. The resulting information vacuum is a systemic weakness that compromises the best intentions and efforts to deliver optimal care.

�Our review of health information exchange efforts highlights that it is critical to effect the transition from the study of the idea of data exchange to actually showing it working for real patients in a timely manner. Successfully transitioning from analytic to the implementation phase of an exchange effort insures that caregivers remain engaged in the process but you can see that many exchange efforts stumble right at this inflection point,� said Vik Kheterpal, MD, a principal at CareEvolution, Inc. He continued �it is the classic chicken-or-the-egg problem � if you have a pilot up and running it builds momentum, but it takes real momentum to get a pilot up and running. Those who have succeeded all highlight the importance getting a small-scale but real pilot up and running to demonstrate the value to the stakeholders in a very concrete way. Yet, it is notoriously difficult to transition out of the planning, governance, and policy discussions to focus on pilot deployment. So, HIE HEADSTART � is our way of helping communities accelerate the actual deployment of working pilots� added Kheterpal.

Details about the grant program, application process, selection criteria, and timeline are available at www.careevolution.com/headstart. The 30 day application process will open on December 8, 2008.

About CareEvolution, Inc.

CareEvolution is a leading provider of secure interoperability solutions. HIEBus�, our health information exchange (HIE) technology platform is a robust Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to enable heterogeneous underlying legacy health IT applications to �share� clinical information in a secure, reliable, and incremental manner. Distinct component such as Identity Management, Record Location, Clinical Data Integration, Audit & Log, Data Persistence, Visualization, Terminology, and Data Mining may be adopted piecemeal or as a comprehensive technology platform.

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