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RHIO HeadStart™ II Is Now Open


The experience of early HIE innovators in Indiana, California, and New York shows one consistent finding -- a critical successful factor in creating true momentum for RHIO/HIE projects is to reach working pilot stage. Yet, their experience shows that reaching that stage remains elusive. Much of the startup resources (money, passion, energy, time) is used, often to a point of complete depletion, in resolving political, governance, organizational, and policy issues. RHIO HeadStart´┐Ż II is about aiding communities interested in accelerating their health information exchange efforts - it is about getting pilots up and running.

We are seeking organizations that have resolved governance, organizational, and policy issues sufficiently to allow for a working pilot to be implemented.

A pilot is defined as a limited rollout of actual patient data used by clinical end users in delivering care. In other words, it is not a conference room prototype but rather a working system albeit on a limited scale.


All applications must be received by 5 PM EST October 31 or earlier.

Review and Interview
Applicants should plan on teleconference discussion of their proposal in the time period between November 1 through 15.

Final decisions will be announced no later than November 20.

Instructions and Package

Please complete the Top 10 Questions and Market Readiness Assessment.


All questions or queries should be forwarded to renea@careevolution.com.

One Patient, One Record - Accelerating Healthcare Innovation
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