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ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, February 1, 2010

CareEvolution, Inc., a leader in Health Information Exchange technology, today announced its successful participation in the 2010 IHE North America Connectathon in Chicago, IL.

Through the Connectathon, IHE provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for information technology vendors to test integration between systems. This years week-long event included systems from more than 150 member organizations. Each organization participates in one or more IHE Profiles by bringing an IT system that implements at least one IHE Actor in that profile. For the testing process, each actor is connected to complimentary actors from other vendors in a given profile. Evidence of successful testing sessions is recorded and sent for review by IHE personnel.

CareEvolution sought and achieved the objectives for the following IHE profiles:
  • Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.b) with the Document Registry and Document Repository actors.
  • Cross Enterprise Document Sharing for Imaging (XDS.I.b) with the Document Registry and Document Repository actors.
  • PIX (Patient Identifier Cross-Referencing) with the PIX Consumer and PIX Manager actors.
  • ATNA (Audit Trail and Node Authentication) with a Secure Node actor.
  • Consistent Time (CT) with a Time Client actor.

In addition to completing these IHE profiles, objectives for Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) equivalents in XDS.b, XDS.I.b, ATNA, and CT were also achieved

About CareEvolution, Inc.

CareEvolution is a leading provider of secure interoperability solutions. HIEBus�, our health information exchange (HIE) technology platform is a robust Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to enable heterogeneous underlying legacy health IT applications to �share� clinical information in a secure, reliable, and incremental manner. Distinct component such as Identity Management, Record Location, Clinical Data Integration, Audit & Log, Data Persistence, Visualization, Terminology, and Data Mining may be adopted piecemeal or as a comprehensive technology platform.

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One Patient, One Record - Accelerating Healthcare Innovation
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