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Introducing HIEBus - The first comprehensive oriented technology stack for HIE deployment
CareEvoltion is a leading provider of secure health information exchange (HIE) solutions. We carefully assembled team of domain experts with a common vision; transforming healthcare by simply, securely and reliably making patient histories available to the right clinicians, at the right place, at the right time. - Learn more about CareEvolution
Features and Security
  • Federation
  • Peer to peer data exchange
  • World-class identity management
  • Practical terminology services
  • Immutable audit and logs
  • Service oriented architecture
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HIE Platform
The CareEvolution HIEBus™ Healthcare Interoperability Technology Stack
HIEBus™ is built on a federated service oriented architecture.

The key components:
  • Adapter
  • Record Locator Service (RLS)
  • Security Token Service (STS)
  • Peer to Peer Data Exchange
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